Atlantic Draft

  In a world where most of us are now reading to connect, content is more important than ever. Due to the fact that we can now share information with millions of people in mere seconds, it is important to understand the power of our words. Atlantic Draft was created to pursue my lifelong passion of connecting with others and inspiring people to live a fulfilling life.

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Content is EVERYTHING...

Stop what you're doing right now and look around. Where do you see content? Exactly. Everywhere! Whether it's in the form of a sales letter from a local car dealership, a catchy title of a viral Facebook article, a magazine cover, a company newsletter or an email - you can't escape it. Content is how we communicate in a world that is drifting from a "face-to-face" world to a "screen-to-screen" world. Content is how we express to our reader how we are feeling, how we want them to feel and what we want our readers to do (buy, sell, enroll, join, comment, etc.).

With content, it's important to understand that more is not always better. With search engine optimization being all the hype (and rightfully so), it's easy to get carried away in the algorithms and create content that goes on for pages. However, if you're not appealing to your audience and readers are not connecting, then the length of the content means nothing. 

Whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a blog, a newsletter or your website - there should be a "human side" to your content...and Atlantic Draft can make that happen.