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Dream job and resume don't match? Never fear!

Professional DevleopmentNina Cudney

We've all been there, right? We see a job that looks amazing and we immediately scroll by it. According to our resume, we aren't even CLOSE to being qualified. Let me ease your mind. On "paper", I should either be a Counselor or a Health Education Teacher. Surprise! I am neither. Now, don't get me wrong - I did have jobs that matched my resume. However, as time goes on, our experiences and interests may lead us on a different path. Let me explain...

Scenario #1: You were a CPA at a large accounting firm. While rockin' it in the "numbers world", you realize that you are also the "go to" person when a new hire has questions about the software program that your company uses. You not only love the technology aspect of your job, but you are actually pretty darn good at teaching others. You're asked by your manager to help out when the training department is short staffed. You happily oblige. See? Now, you are gaining experience and credibility in something other than what your resume says you "should be" doing. After ten years on the job, you begin to collect some pretty solid testimonials on your ability to train others on new software programs.

Again, your resume says absolutely nothing about a degree is technology, HR or anything related to corporate training - yet you are good at it...really good. Now, you have what I like to call the "in between the lines" experience and skills that the corporate training field is looking for. You change up your resume a bit to hone in on the specific tasks that you carried out in terms of training others on new software programs and BOOM - an entirely new world opens up to you.

The key to moving into a field that does not match your resume is being able to gain the experience in that field while at your current position. Don't be afraid to offer up your services to help out. You never know where it will lead!