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Our world has practically become one big online community. We socialize online. We purchase goods and services online. We research online. We even look for medical advice online. Although some may not particularly be fond of the direction that the consumer world is going, it's important to understand your audience and "roll with the punches". People want to feel as though you are speaking directly to them when they read your content. Depending on the targeted audience, the tone is a crucial piece to the puzzle. All of this can be very overwhelming to many, especially if you do not enjoy the writing process to begin with. 

My services include, but are not limited to:


Website content creation


Blast e-mail creation and editing


Website content audits

Editing sales and marketing material

Coordination and compilation of existing work

Media profile updating (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

My relationship with clients is first and foremost a PARTNERSHIP. No one knows your vision better than you. My role is to brainstorm and tap into that vision and assist you with creating content that opens up the doors for the world to come inside.

In today's world, "work life" and "home life" are becoming more and more intertwined. From parenting challenges to the loss of a loved one, our personal lives can have a powerful impact (both positive and negative) on our productivity. Many employers are realizing that this is a legitimate issue and are focusing more on employee wellness (physical, emotional and even financial) as a way to decrease absenteeism, increase morale and increase productivity. 

I have been in leadership positions and non-leadership positions. I have experienced amazing workplace environments and very toxic workplace environments - and I am grateful for all of it. My journey has allowed me to develop a unique vantage point, which I greatly rely on when working with clients to create a speaking event.

*Atlantic Draft is currently scheduling speaking events within a 150 miles radius of Fairfield County, CT. 

When people can relate and connect with not only the content but the way in which the content is delivered, a shift can take place. An “outsider” - someone who is not biased, can offer a new set of eyes and ears when interacting with the audience. This is precisely what Atlantic Draft speaking services is all about.
Whenever growth is your goal, change is inevitable.

One size does not fit all when we are dealing with people and, let's face it - when are we not dealing with people? Oftentimes, we may be aware that some aspects of our business are not going as smoothly as we would like. When we are emotionally connected to the process, it can cloud our vision and make it difficult to arrive at a possible solution. Our past experiences can not only hinder our ability to think clearly, but it can also affect the way we communicate our ideas. As a Consultant, my role is to work with you as an unbiased resource to brainstorm possible solutions to bring your business to the next level. From staffing concerns to increasing the efficiency of the company's workflow, Atlantic Draft consulting services is up for the challenge!

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