Atlantic Draft

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Freelancing since 2008, I have been incredibly fortunate to work with amazing clients who have provided me with opportunities to work with content in such radically different ways. Some of my work has included condensing a 30+ page employee handbook into a ten page FAQ document, grant editing, resume development, website content creation, corporate PowerPoint presentations, blogging, and personal & professional development. 

From writing poems and song lyrics as a teenager, blogs and corporate emails as an adult, and everything in between - my fingers have never stopped writing. Ever.

Most writers have a niche in which they find themselves most "alive". For me, it is undoubtedly mental health and personal development. More specifically, my writing is centered around parenting, relationships, career satisfaction, self-awareness, and inspiring others to live a fulfilling life. 

I am a firm believer that challenge brings change, which is why I welcome "out of the box" requests. 

Writing is how we give our mind a voice.